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Life at Softech – Product Marketing

Posted by Shahan Zafar on Oct 12, 2021 9:07:48 AM

We aim to become a multimillion-dollar company, get listed on the New York Stock Exchange and do much more! But how will we achieve all of that?

Simple, by increasing sales and driving adoption for our product VIDIZMO.

One of the ways in which we achieve this is through the Product Marketing Department. But what is “product marketing” anyways?

According to HubSpot, the aim of Product Marketing is to drive the demand and usage of a product.

That’s what we do! Through our creativity and flair, we let customers know how our product solves their challenges. Let them develop interest, try our product and convert into paying customers. 

In this blog, we’ll let you know why you should work for marketing at Softech Worldwide, what a normal day at our job entails, and the kind of people we look for.

Before we begin: We are a product based company - if you are not familiar with what it means, do read our blog on product vs. project based companies to better understand the context of our work.

How is Marketing at Softech Different from Traditional Marketing?


Ever heard of the concept of “inbound marketing”? If not, then you are probably accustomed to traditional methods of marketing.

HubSpot (Our favorite) defines it as:

“Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t always want.”

Too confusing? Let me dumb it down a bit😅

Scenario 1: Say you are watching videos on YouTube, and you find these annoying advertisements where you just can’t wait to hit that “skip ad” button. That’s outbound marketing for you. Advertisers are bombarding you with their content and you may not always be interested in them.

Scenario 2: Say you are looking for vegetarian restaurants in your town. You do a quick Google search and find a blog that says “Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Gringotts”. You read the blog and find out that restaurant X matches your preferences. You end up going to restaurant X. Little did you know that Restaurant X influenced the content in the blog that you read. That’s inbound marketing for you! No bombarding, no useless advertisements, just subtle content at the right place where your customers need it.

We at Softech Worldwide employ modern marketing techniques just like inbound marketing as discussed above. We reach out to global audiences, and we know that traditional marketing techniques won’t cut it.

What A Normal Day at Our Job Entails?

Softech Blog Infographic

Here’s a little bit of what we do:

  • We Conduct thorough market research on product features and customer requirements.
  • We write blogs. Here’s an example | What is Video Streaming?
  • We make video advertisements. Here’s an example | Watch Now
  • We manage our social media.
  • We create landing pages. Head on to our website - We created it all!
  • We create detailed reports and whitepapers. Here’s an example | Securely Managing Recorded Zoom Meetings.
  • We work with numbers and track our analytics. We have got the latest tools and methodologies to do that.
  • We are involved in various SEO activities to increase our visibility on search engines.
  • Not to mention - strategizing and constantly working to create our unique market positioning.


You Can Join Us Too!

You can join us in our journey too – help us increase sales and drive product adoption.

What Kind of People Do We Look For?


  • Phenomenal storytellers 🎙️.
  • You have got that creative element in you 🖌️🎨.
  • Introverted? Works well! (shhh – even I am an introvert myself. And proud 😀)
  • Perfectionist – You gotta deliver quality because patched-up, incomplete marketing messages won’t do.
  • Perseverance – in the B2B landscape, results don’t come fast. You have to wait and wait, persistently work hard and you’ll eventually see results in the long run 🌱🌺.



You can always join our team by applying for the “Technology Content Strategist” position and we’ll reach out to you. Even if you’re an experienced resource, feel free to apply and based on your profile, we can have a discussion on where you can contribute.

You can also join our team as a video animator, graphics designer or as a web developer.