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Eco-Culture at Softech

Posted by Maham Zaidi on Oct 4, 2021 9:23:53 AM

Whether you’re deciding to accept a job offer from a new employer or you’ve just started a new job, one of the most critical aspects of your professional life will be the workplace culture. The office or organization’s environment or “vibe” is so powerful that it can make or break your job experience and result either in your long-term employment or, in the worst circumstances, your speedy retreat to the job market. A company's culture isn’t defined merely by ping-pong tables and free lunches; employees want to feel like part of something bigger. That sense of community and fulfillment benefits employers, too; by one estimation, disengaged workers cause losses of close to $500 billion every year. When you drive awareness and excitement through your team, aim to articulate goals, and how you plan to measure success this way, employees can discern the effects of their decisions.

But what sorts of things determine or reflect a positive company culture? It’s often a little difficult to articulate. Still, there are several concretes, quantifiable factors to watch out for that indicate the health of a company or workplace and the way its teams and employees interact, and their happiness levels at work. Here at Softech, we look into these concerns and factors.

Here are the most important things that are Softech’s main priority to make it a great place to work:

Long-Term Employees:shutterstock_1913574568

Employee turnover is a strong indicator of Softech's company culture. Simply put, happy, engaged employees who are offered continued opportunities for growth are more likely to stay put. Employees at Softech are given all sorts of opportunities in terms of career and personal growth.

Supportive Management:

Our Softech supportive managers are involved in an ongoing balancing act, providing the guidance and care a team needs. They will bring the best out in you and support you in your ideas and instinct, guide you through your journey here, and make your decisions better.  The traditional leadership where tasks are assigned and results received is not something followed here; Softech managers do not simply delegate tasks and receive results but instead support employees until the task’s completed. A significant upside to supportive leadership is that the manager will work with the employee until they are empowered and skilled enough to handle tasks with minimal supervision in the future.

Women-Friendly Work Environment:


At Softech, there are no gender biases or discrimination of any sort. Women are given equal opportunities in every field. They are given all rights and freedom of speech and opinion. Women-centric policies are also implemented, covering policies for workplace harassment, discrimination, and maternity leave/policies. We cooperate with our employees in every way possible and make them feel comfortable at the company.


Being determined and persistent is what is encouraged at Softech and amongst employees. We help build goals and tasks for employees to follow the current week and stay motivated, goals that aim high

but are achievable. We believe that learning never ends and look at challenges as the chance to

improve ourselves. It’s this way of thinking that leads our team to complete our innovative and ambitious goals successfully. With Softech, you’ll have the opportunity to realize your potential and develop collectively with the team. We push you to step out of your comfort zone and explore and be competitive in healthy terms, giving your career growth. Our CEO believes in all of his employees that they are an integral part of the company and make the business grow, which keeps employees motivated as the appreciation from the boss directly is what keeps us going.

Clear Mission and Values:


Great company culture doesn’t just manifest itself out of thin air. First, it has to be articulated and communicated throughout the organization, and then it can be lived out by the leadership and employees at every level. Softech company culture has values that every employee knows by heart. These values and this mission are accessible and branded into all of the company’s internal and external communications.

Not Just Colleagues but Friends:


A great work environment is a breeding ground for genuine friendships. At Softech, coworkers choose to spend time with each other, even outside of the office, making the professional dynamic just positive. Having a good connection and bond with your colleagues is an important factor in understanding their capabilities. We celebrate their happiness with them and different events to make an enjoyable environment at the company.

Workplace Involvement:


Great company cultures support involvement and provide positive, fun ways for their employees to get together for personal and professional development activities, both within and outside normal company hours. And the success of the Softech culture is indicated in the level of involvement by each employee. For example, if the company is sponsoring a charity event or fundraiser on a Saturday morning and most everyone in the organization shows up -- willingly -- you know that the employees feel invested and excited to be there. So, employees at Softech take part in different activities organized by the company willingly and get a good experience and be appreciated.


 Secrets and, in general, a lack of communication from the top down creates a culture of insecurity and uncertainty. Softech is a workplace with a positive culture that supports a philosophy of transparency so that every team member feels they know where they stand, where the company is headed, and in general, they think “in the loop."



If everyone in an organization generally fits the same demographic, that should be a red flag regarding culture. Great companies and institutions embrace diversity -- diversity in hiring thought and approaches. This should be reflected in the teams and employees you interact with daily. We give employees at Softech to explore different opportunities and give them the chance to shift their position to something that interests them more, or they want to gain experience in some other field they are most welcomed and encouraged to.

Wins are Celebrated:


Great companies have clear and frequent processes in place for recognizing the achievements of their employees, at least monthly or weekly. This shows that the organization prioritizes recognizing performance and announcing to everyone the value its employees bring. Softech is always a step ahead when it comes to appreciating or celebrating their win. We appreciate and recognize their hard work and effort by giving them benefits and applause.

Leaders are Visible and Accessible:


Employees support leaders who are transparent, accessible, honest, authentic, and who invest in them. When an organization’s leaders are front and center and make themselves available to everyone, it creates a sense that “we’re all in this together,” and employees are much more likely to feel good about the goals they’re working towards, and that is Softech’s mission.

Absence of Office Politics:

Positive workspaces and thriving company cultures where each employee feels valued, heard, and recognized have little room for gossip, backbiting, and politicking. While a small amount of sniping happens in any group setting, in healthy company cultures, this is the exception, not the rule. At Softech, we try to keep this toxicity in control and away from our employees. We try to maintain a healthy environment as much as possible and discourage politics in the company.

Professional Development Opportunities:


Job satisfaction is closely tied to employees' opportunities for growth, advancement, learning, promotion, and expanding their skill set. Organizations with strong infrastructures that support employee growth -- both in philosophy and literally with actual resources and budgets -- validate their commitment to each employee’s professional development and foster a strong sense of culture and community. We listen to the aspirations of our employees and enable them to try new and rewarding experiences. Because of our global reach, rapid growth, and extensive operations, we have numerous functional roles and career opportunities that are open to you. At Softech, you’ll have incredible opportunities for advancement, influence, and the chance to create a lasting impact on the company as part of a solid and supportive group. 

Want to Join Softech?

As pioneers in information technology, we pride ourselves on our innovation, development, and customer satisfaction. Our success in delivering quality solutions for video streaming, artificial intelligence, digital security, and other fields in the IT department has contributed to a vast customer base spanning multiple industries. We strive for success and excellence in each endeavor we undertake.

Apart from this, we give our employees a comfortable, friendly work environment and make their journey at Softech fruitful and memorable. At Softech, you’ll be part of a dynamic and rapidly developing team with a culture committed to transparency and inclusivity. We respect opinions, encourage questions irrespective of tenure or ranking, and aim to build a stronger team together. We believe a strong, supportive team is the key to face all challenges and inspire everyone to fulfill their potential.