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9 Reasons Why Work at Softech

Posted by Maham Zaidi on Sep 23, 2021 3:45:00 AM

Finding a job is difficult, but what’s more difficult is to decide if the opportunity at hand is good for you or not. The decision of whether to accept a job offer or not involves a lot of risks, and thus, everything should be kept in mind before making a decision. 

However, the bigger question – a concern – is that what should a candidate check about the new workplace before taking up an employment offer? This becomes even more pertinent because changing economic situation is forcing many organizations – both large and small – to tweak or withdraw job offers at the last moment. 

Of course, salary is an essential factor to consider while accepting a job offer, but it is not the only one. Many other things are to be kept in mind while accepting a job offer. 

 Here is why joining Softech Worldwide will be a great idea! 

1.Company Culture/Values: 


company culture

At Softech, you’ll be part of a dynamic and rapidly developing team with a culture committed to transparency and inclusivity. We respect opinions, encourage questions irrespective of tenure or ranking, and aim to build a stronger team together. Equality in the workplace ensures people are given equal opportunities, equal pay and are well accepted for their differences. Softech creates an inclusive and conducive work environment where employees feel secure and happy. Equality in the company ensures removing any chances of discrimination in the workplace. 

2.Company Growth/Success: 


grwoth and success

At Softech, we allow our employees to gain new skills, knowledge, and abilities and build a stronger team. We believe in the benefits of helping our employees realize their full potential and apply their competencies to foster growth and effectiveness. We always approach our team with positive intent and offer honest and productive feedback to help each other succeed. Softech takes an active role in the team's development, demonstrating confidence and concern for the organization's future. It also gives employees feelings of significance, community, and value. We help encourage professional development, create a development plan, pair employees with mentors, help them build their networks, challenge employees with assignments/tasks, and show employees that we trust them with their ideas and creativity. 

3.Makes You Challenge Yourself: 


challenge yourself

We believe that learning never ends and look at challenges as the chance to improve ourselves. It’s this way of thinking that leads our team to complete our innovative and ambitious goals successfully. With Softech, you’ll have the opportunity to realize your potential and develop collectively with the team. We push you to step out of your comfort zone and explore and be competitive in healthy terms, giving your career growth. We keep you connected and embrace teamwork while making you independent and achieve things on your own. We evaluate and re-evaluate skills and flaws and help you have a positive attitude and a new approach towards everything. 

4.Employee Benefits/Perks: 



Here at Softech, we want to make sure our team is healthy, happy, and productive. We value our team and are invested in their well-being and future. We respect the work-life balance and provide numerous benefits based on our compensation policy, including health insurance, paid leaves, life insurance, PF funds, and more. 

5.Learning Experience:



Trends in talent management come and go, but the goal remains the same for Softech: attract and retain the best. Employees want more relevant and enjoyable learning experiences. They want to gain knowledge on their own time, at their preferred pace, and through ways that support their learning style; all this is practiced at Softech. We encourage interactive learning and give them development opportunities to learn and make their career grow. 

Modern learning strategies demand modern technologies. Softech is the stop where you can find modern learning. They employ AI and dynamic e-learning to inspire users, increase employee engagement, and offer open access to self-managed learning. 

6.Supportive Management: 



Our Softech supportive managers are involved in an ongoing balancing act, providing the guidance and care a team needs while keeping a professional discipline level. While a misstep in one direction can undermine the other, an intelligent move can reinforce both. They will bring the best out in you and support you in your ideas and instinct, guide you through your journey here, and make you make better decisions.  The traditional leadership where tasks are assigned and results received is not something followed here; Softech managers do not simply delegate tasks and receive results but instead support employees until the task’s completed. A significant upside to supportive leadership is that the manager will work with the employee until they are empowered and skilled enough to handle tasks with minimal supervision in the future. 




We listen to the aspirations of our employees and enable them to try new and rewarding experiences. Because of our global reach, rapid growth, and extensive operations, we have numerous functional roles and career opportunities that are open to you. At Softech, you’ll have incredible opportunities for advancement, influence, and the chance to create a lasting impact on the company as part of a solid and supportive group. 


8.Product Base Company: 


product basd company

Being a product-based company in the IT industry. Product companies push you to perform. This means that you would be motivated from within, doing work every day exciting for you! You get ownership to work, you get to learn and be more creative at work with a product, work with more purpose, intrinsic motivation; studies show that people perform better and are happier when they are intrinsically motivated. 

You also get an opportunity to grow. Each product is different; each product is unique. You work on and build each product. So, it is originally yours and not a copy. You get to be different and to be authentic in what you do. Product-based companies, unlike service-based companies, look for sustainability. Hence, they work on building products that would last. This is growth for the company, and when the company grows, you grow. Product-based companies are great places for career growth. 

9.State of the Art Facilities:


tech savvy

At Softech, you will be provided with a tech-savvy workplace, where you will use modern technology at your workstation to make your work efficient and smooth. There is a face recognition ID for security and compliance, different applications used for performance evaluation, digitalized meetings, employee details tracked with various applications, and human resource management made more responsible through high tech technology and more. Sound detection sensors are installed to maintain a peaceful work environment and less disturbance to focus. 

So, When Are You Joining Us? 

Softech is a pioneering IT services provider with cutting-edge technology to give enterprises a driving force to digitalize and revolutionize their business. As pioneers in information technology, we pride ourselves on our innovation, development, and customer satisfaction. Our success in delivering quality solutions for video streaming, artificial intelligence, digital security, and other fields in the IT department has contributed to a vast customer base spanning multiple industries. We strive for success and excellence in each endeavor we undertake and believe a strong, supportive team is the key to facing all challenges and inspiring everyone to fulfill their potential. Softech is looking for intellectual, adaptable, and energetic people who are ready to change the world.